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We are a dynamic team of investment banking professionals with a proven track record of successfully financing intermediate to high level developers and builders Nationwide

Commercial Real Estate Development Professionals

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Unique Development Finance

From Concept to Vertical

Our team has partnered with multiple developers seeking aggressive solutions to leverage their vision. Our development references are impeccable as we treat every development transaction as our own.

Unique Projects and Redevelopment

Blue Chip has funded multiple "unicorn" projects that required major changes from accepted state and municipal use. Troubled assets that needed the capital to maximize the projects best economical yield.

Repurpose Real Estate

In today's diverse market climate, post-Covid, changes to multiple asset classes are prevalent. We have had years of experience providing capital to change the overall use of the intended asset to be easily absorbed into its new market.

Experience Matters, Results Matter, Your Project Matters

We are very altruistic in what we do, we work with absolute passion and integrity; it is the Blue Chip Advantage

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3491 Pall Mall Drive, Suite 120

Jacksonville, FL 32257

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